See photos from our recent performance of Macbeth at Northern Stage here

Y5 WWI Project

During the spring term, teachers Kathryn Cowen, Katherine Hill, and the Year Five children investigated events on the Western Front 100 years ago. They focused on connections between Newcastle and the awesome German Spring Offensive in March 1918. They discovered that was the month that Britain almost lost the war - and Heaton men were in the thick of the fighting. Find out more by clicking here.

Poems of the Week

As part of our Spotlight on Reading we have a poem of the week during the Spring Term. There are three poems for different phases in school. Find our more about the poems HERE

The Tempest

See more photos of the performance HERE

132 Malcolm Street

A couple from 1917 walked out of the Victoria Tunnel in the Ouseburn Valley to discover they had been transported forward one century. Walking around the area they find out that their house at 132 Warwick Street no longer exists - as Hotspur is built on the site. Children researched them using the 1911 census, maps and other sources. Children created a museum exploring decades from when the school was built back to 1910 so that a virtual time machine could be created to return the couple to 1917 with the help of local residents who shared their memories of earlier times.

Watch the film above to find out more about this project.

Hotspur Brotherhood

Curriculum dance led to the formation  a boys' dance group - The Brotherhood. They performed at a regional event at Dance City.

Take One Object

Take One Object is a collaboration between Hotspur, Chillingham Road, West Jesmond and the Great North Museum: Hancock. Across the three schools we explored three objects in the museum.

Updates on this can be found HERE.

See some of our displays HERE

The Arts Award booklet can be viewed below.

Hotspur Science Week 2017

Our science week in 2017 began with the mystery of large footprints found on the school field. A local news crew was covering the event. Children then had to investigate large animals and solve the mystery.

Scottish Opera

Y5 worked with Scottish Opera on a performance of The Tale O'Tam O'Shanter. The culmination was a performance in school and then a joint performance with West Jesmond at Sage Gateshead as part of the Concordia Festival.

A film of this is available HERE

Painting of the Week

As part  of our focus on visual art this year there has been a picture of the week during the Autumn Term. These have been introduced in Monday morning assemblies and talked about during the week. Each picture has been accompanied by a relevant piece of music.